September 17, 2008


The Monthly Max (Sept. vol. I)

Our apologies in getting back on schedule after our August euro-style vacance. And now further delay, though we think you'll appreciate why. The summer heat must have slowed down our photo desire, so in perusing the archives we found a dearth of cute baby pics, at least that were not rather redundant (stop that snickering). Have no fear, for this weekend we are off to the eastern Chesapeake shore for a family wedding that is sure to provide great Maxly photo fodder. To tie you over until our return, and daddy's unction to post the pics, we have to the left Max's newly installed growth chart. Note the (perhaps freakish) growth between his birthday and its first anniversary, marked in red.

Just a little way to grow to fill daddy's shoes

"Note the (perhaps freakish) growth"

It's scary how they grow, my 15 yr old son just hit 6 ft, and is now looking down on me. Have a great time up in Chesapeake.
Ah... he was so good at dinner last night!
Love the shoe pic!
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