October 24, 2008


Four of the most worthwhile minutes you'll ever spend watching YouTube

Recently one of my good friends informed me that his parents, lifelong conservative Republicans, had decided to vote for Barack Obama. I wasn't too surprised, since my esteem of the couple has always been high despite our political differences. My friend related their feelings as being "people without a party" this year. Again, no surprise considering the past eight years and the dismal campaign/candidates that the GOP has offered up this year.

Their crossing over is indicative of a shift among what must be more than just a few conservatives who see a stark difference between Obama and McCain. It's heartening (and revealing of my own cynicism) to see these people going out to vote FOR someone rather than against an opposing view, choosing a candidate rather than supporting them. Like writer and video compiler Eric Hirshberg said in the HuffPo article accompanying this video: "We don't belong to our political parties. Our political parties belong to us."

More videos of crossover voters can be seen at www.conservativesforchange.com


I'm amazed at the number of Obama stickers I see here in the O.C. And my husband voted for him, too. But for us it's not so much that we love Obama ... it's the alternative. Eesh. Plus also the idea that the Republicans must be punished for what's gone on.
Powerful vid. My next door neighbor is in his fifties and has never voted. He registered for the first time last month so he could vote for Obama.
I, too, although you might not believe it, am a lifelong Republican. I was raised by Republicans, and my mother was extremely active in Rep politics when I was young. In fact, I actually met Ronnie Raygun on several occasions.

I think that's why I rail so much against the GOP now.

Your enemies cannot disappoint you, but your friends, most assuredly can.

Chimpy was/is a Disgrace, and instead of learning from their mistakes, the Reps seem bound, and determined to continue on the path he laid out.

Huge Mistake.

I think the GOP of old, is dead. They've attached their fate to a group of people (Religious Loons) that I could never support, not in a Million Years.

I'm still voting for Nader, but I won't be unhappy to see Obama win.
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