October 21, 2008


The Monthly Max

With this, the 21st month of the Max, we offer up a retrospective:

In the beginning...

There was scrawniness...

But we got over that.

Last year's holiday card runner-up

One down

And one up

Jammin' with my lobster daddy

And to bring us up to speed:

Yo, cool breeze

Don't be skeered, daddy. Now, that's the gas...


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too cute for words, that boy. you have every right to be a proud-as-hell papa!
Ahhh... I can't wait to see my scrawny thing!

I wasn't around for the chunko Max phase. Sniff sniff. I hate that I missed that.

And speaking of missing... I miss ya'll. We should do dinner Fri or Sat night.
awwww !!! SWEET !!!
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