November 25, 2008


The Monthly Max


This past month's big event was Max's first haircut. Here he is looking pretty chill before the process. To show solidarity and demonstrate the no-big-dealness of it all, Daddy went under a No. 2 first. This brought his ears to their lowest point since grade school, and with that some bemusement from having worn a ponytail just a couple of months prior. As for the boy, with the removal of the sheepdog bangs and curly curls we bid adieu to baby and bonjour to toddler.

This video reveals his patience/fear going past the breaking point.

A still from the video captures the nadir of the process:

The finished products

Gratuitous photos of "Buzzy"

Autumn swinging

New winter jammies (to grow into)

Sporting his new fall coat, we'll call this one "Catalog Boy"

Excellent, as an aficionado of the Buzz, I'm very happy to see it spread around down south, and by south, I don't mean Bridgeport. Happy Thanksgiving to the O'tim clan
Okee Doke. Anybody with a kid named Max has gotzta be ok.

I asked my son, Max, he told me it is true.
the monthly max always brings a big 'ol smile to my face. it can't be helped.

I never buzzed my boy when he was teeny. (silly deadhead mama that i cop to being!) so... as soon as he was old enough to request a very severe buzz, he did. and that is how he wore his hair for many years. at 26, he's a longhair again.
Oh look at him!!!! He's adorable and getting so big.

Stylin' the both of youse.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Another AWWWW Sweet!! post O'Tim!! The one picture reminded me of a song by Paul Simon ... but you're gonna have replace "mother" with "father" here ... but you get the drift I'm sure.


No I would not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away, oh, little darling of mine.


Gobble, Gobble Boyz and Momma ...

Conversation bounces around a lot but to answer your key question: At of THIS moment -- THIS snapshot in time -- I hope that Obama is a fool not a knave.
just to let you know, o'tim, i fixed my 'whiter shade of pale' post and i'm VERY interested in your opinion on the subject!!!
Adorable! He looks like such a big boy. I love the last shot. Just precious. :D
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