January 09, 2009


The Whenever Max*


We had a wonderful holiday - unrushed with next to nothing to do. Some family scheduling, along with illness, necessitated two Christmas mornings, something we hope does not become a tradition for fear that it will become expected every year. Fortunately there was plenty to go around - Max has been such a good boy that Santa held back some of the huge mound of gifts accumulated for him and said he will return February 11 "to bestow the remainder upon the boy." He said we could find them in Omie's garage (unwrapped because he doesn't keep birthday gift paper in stock at the NP).

The adventure grows along with the vocabulary. Max is in official parrot mode and thus we are occasionally reminded of how big the ears of little pitchers are (but until he reads and becomes computer saavy this blog will retain its NC-17 rating, goddammit). Little Dude has discovered the leg over/surmountability principle, which often works in cahoots with the "hey this thing makes me taller" principle. This has vastly improved his monkey boy skills and thus increases his mama's gray hair with impromptu excursions up bookcases and to the top of the changing table.

In the midst of all the excitements there are occasions of quiet repose. The other day I put on a Cat Stevens CD and kicked back on the day bed in Max's room while he played with various doo-dads and books. After a few minutes he crawled up next to me and laid face up with a ponderous visage for all of 10 minutes. I lightly sang along, never happier.

I know we've come a long way
We're changing day to day
But tell me, where do the children play?

That's a pretty swell train set that somebody spent a lot of time setting up, eh Max?

An interesting approach to urban planning, complete with flatware

New Year's at The Copa - my performance of Singin' In The Rain got great reviews!

I didn't stay out too late so as to be first in line at Buddy Bear's Playhouse the next day

Not a bad sweet spot - could use a little spray starch


*Hopefully not a permanent name change

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What a handsome young man! I'm glad y'all had a nice holiday. Here's a silly question: why does it matter if a child says curse words if the parents use them? (I understand if parents don't swear and don't want their kids to use those words.) I never worried about it, and my girls figured out pretty quickly when they shouldn't say certain words.
How he keeps growing! I'm glad you had nice holidays.
Love the bot!!!! My mom's red umbrella and Z's ex girlfriends hat. I really need to fix the tile on those steps.
His eyes are so bright! I miss my little ones who have grown so much.
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