February 06, 2009


A blow to the munchies fer sher, dude

Hi, I'm O'Tim and I am a cereal addict (Hi O'Tim!). I am also a supporter of marijuana decriminalization, and so it is with great disappointment yet firm resolve that I stand up for what's right and bid good bye to my pals Tony, Dig 'Em, Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Sam.

It's nothing personal guys, but your company has crossed the line by dropping 14x gold medal champion Michael Phelps from its sponsorship roster because it was discovered that he smoked pot. This is a farce and rank hypocrisy at its worst.

I have no doubt the Kellogg's powers that be have a considerable number of alcohol drinkers and tobacco users among them, and condemning someone who used a far less dangerous substance is therefore bogus. I am curious as to how many citizens of Battle Creek supported the recent overwhelming approval for medicinal cannibis in Michigan. Surely some of these cereal peddlers have smoked marijuana themselves, and chastising and sanctioning an exceptional athlete based on "the image that the company wants to project" is laughable. It's downright side-splitting in light of the image purveyed by these officially licensed Kellogg's products:

Tell me more than one good reason why Homes needs that Jethro bowl. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw in a free bottle of Visine with every order. Word.

For Kellogg's to punish Phelps for getting caught doing what 70 percent of Americans don't care if they did as well puts them among the worst of, as Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance calls, "the sanctimonious handwringers seizing on a public figure's embarrassment to drive home an anachronistic abstinence-only message when it comes to America's favorite illicit psychoactive substance." Preach it, brother.

I for one hope that the effect of millions of pot smokers and others who will stand up to this hypocrisy finally overwhelms the fearful, closeted image of shame perpetrated by "Reefer Madness" ignorance and the ill-conceived War on Drugs. The sooner we lift the prohibition the quicker we control the exhibition, and usage levels off as it becomes no big deal for consenting adults to imbibe on their own time.

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Dammit. MathMan just bought Frosted Flakes as Ingles.

I won't eat them. Maybe we can talk to the kids and take them back before they open them.
Nadelmann was laying on the brimstone pretty thick, but check out Archer's screed.

And count on Paula to give it a more even-handed look.
Thanks! I see where you're coming from though. I'm just not that energized by the legalizing pot issue, though I'd vote for it if it came up.
Agree. I mean hey, I live in Mendonesia! And don't worry, there are other cereals to satisfy your 'burning' need. :)
I'd love to see it legalised. Then we could package it up nicely, still with Phelps as the poster-boy on the pack, and accompanied by a-

"Government Health Warning: Smoking marijuana can cause you to swim as fast as a f&$king dolphin!".
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