February 03, 2009


Things are tough all over and above ye

From The Onion, always spot-on:

God Quietly Phasing Holy Ghost Out Of Trinity

HEAVEN—Calling the Holy Trinity "overstaffed and over budget," God announced plans Monday to downsize the group by slowly phasing out the Holy Ghost. "Given the poor economic climate and the unclear nature of the Holy Ghost's duties, I felt this was a sensible and necessary decision," God said. "The Holy Ghost will be given fewer and fewer responsibilities until His formal resignation from Trinity duty following Easter services on April 20. Thereafter, the Father and the Son shall be referred to as the Holy Duo."


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He'll be appearing in "Hamlet" at Chicago's Drury Lane theater for a limited engagement from May 7th to July 19th. Tickets are sold at the box office and Ticketmaster.
Congrats on scoring the agent's job, Joe. Oh, the things you'll see!
the holy ghost does need a job description lol
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