May 11, 2009


The Monthly Max

Our April adventures included a pandemonium-infused Easter egg scramble
and parental sanity-testing plane rides to and from Chicago.

Waiting for the helicopter to come drop more eggs (look closely and see that
there are already thousands on the field).

We made out pretty good, considering it was over
in about 30 seconds and many kids didn't get squat.

Yeah, yeah, go Cubs. Where's my hot dog?

Nothing like a little diaper strollin' in a public parking lot !

Before you get to eat you gotta dance like Fred Astaire, right, Ginger?
(Photo courtesy of Fuller Image)

Ride little horsie, ride to town...

Aunt Julie & Uncle Brad (aka Joojie-Bad) have the coolest tree swing.

Hold on tight (to Max please, Julie) !

Always ready for a close-up

Somebody needs to invent all-terrain luggage

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That boy is going to be a babe magnet!
Listen to him talk! Just so dang cute!
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