September 10, 2009


The Latest Max

One of our favorite spots

First pro shot (copyright protected - SHHH!).
Cute, except it makes him look like he has a real shiner on that left eye.

D-I-R-T ! !

Chillaxin' at the creek

Loves daddy's stuff

Obligatory spaghetti mess photo

Obligatory finger paint mess photo

One from April (courtesy of Fuller Image)

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It's about friggin time. We've been Jonesing fur sum Max.
Love the video!
Hey Tim - Aww, very sweet kid. I remember when Jonah was late age, and now he's nearly 16! Enjoy him, time goes way way too fast....
I love the video. And how he seems to ponder the past mishaps while standing at the tube, then decides to move on.
Of course my fave pic would be be the finger painting one. :) I can't believe how big he's getting!!!!
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