June 30, 2011


I'm not a cynic, but I play one on TV

The U.S. is in the midst of yet another national debt brouhaha. It's a common situation - the country has experienced federal debt since its founding (BTW - happy birthday), with war being a consistent culprit. Currently the U.S. is in the highest spike of the percentage of its total debt to GDP (2010 = 96.3%) ratio since World War II. But the debt sunk quickly in the prosperous post-war years, while today financial wonks in public accounting agencies and private sector economists are in lock-step agreement as to the path of sustainability the country is on, or more accurately flying wildly off of.

Is it coincidence that the U.S. is experiencing some of the highest federal debt during a half-century low of its marginal tax rates? Could there be some kind of correlation between tax rates and tax revenue? In the parlance of the new GOP math, of course, "lower taxes increase revenue."

I'm seriously thinking of adopting this method, as surely it would help my personal budget in a manner similar to the government's current faux fortune. Yeah, that's it - if I spend more than I make, I'll just work less hours to make up for it.

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I was thinking that if any tried and true and legal methods of increasing the revenues for our household appear, I'm going to dismiss them because that's what the GOP says to do.
YOU do what the GOP sez ? Thanks, Ms. Pantsonfire - you just blew out my truth-o-meter !
It's hopelessly stupid, even moreso the tea-bagger intransigence to Boehner's only slightly less sucky plan. It's unbelievable how ignorant these people are, and the drones who elect them...
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