December 08, 2007


He'll get away with it

I know that I recently posted about fighting the good fight, but seeing the way the Bush administration gets a pass on every-fucking-thing, I can't help but be feelin' a little Todd tonight.

And instead of putting a countdown ticker in my sidebar, I'm going with one constructive idiot's dedicated method of reminding me/us that the days left to impeach Bush and Cheney are dwindling.

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Of course the bastard will get away with it all.....I feel vindicated knowing that history will portray him more accurately down the years than what our current media does. Eh, you know my thoughts on the Bush Crime Family, I won't go into a big rant here. :)

"Some 5.3 million more Americans are living in poverty now than were living in poverty when Bush became president."

Well, any neocon can tell you that poor people are poor because they're lazy. This just shows how many people have decided to be lazy since Bush took office. Obviously, the moral decline of the Clinton years was worse than we thought.
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