August 05, 2008



...and the livin' is HOT! One of the curses on the damn yankee is that he loses his tolerance for northern nostril-freezing cold. Yet what human can adapt to the stifling, sponge-like atmosphere of the climes beneath the Mason-Dixon? Thanks be for A/C (working fine this year) and friends and Omies with pools, that's for sure.

The ailment commonly known as cabin fever was typically assigned to those who had been snowbound, but I submit it is equally applied to stay-at-home parents in the sweltering southland. And Mr. Procrastination has been his usual laid-back self, saving the kitchen floor project until the last week of Jen's summer break.

It caused a bit of a mess, with ceramic tile, grout and mortar dust covering everything and the kitchen in general discombobulation. It still is slightly due to the "cascading project principle" that reveals a minimum of four other things that need to be upgraded due to the initial upgrade. But anything worth having is worth working for (and as Mr. P would add "worth waiting for, too"):

Thanks to Marshal for taking time out of two days to help with the toughest parts of the job. I hope I wasn't too much of a tittybabywanker perfectionist. He would patiently indulge my inquiries of why option B might be better, often capping the discussion off with the phrase, "Well I guess you better cut it then."

I can't fully express here the joy of knowing I will never again step on a razor-sharp chunk of loosened grout whilst scuttling barefooted to the sink in the mid night. We are going to have to keep poor Ballou's claws trimmed close though, as she resembles a newborn fawn every time she gets up.

I leave you all with this delightful sight of summer, taken a few minutes after the camera lens defogged:

The indica buds (that is Lagerstroemia indica, aka crepe myrtle).

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This is one summer I'm ready to see over! Out with a baby shower bang. Bring on the fall, when I can hopefully walk 5 steps outside and not feel like I'm about to croak.
Looks fab! We just did our kitchen, LR, and DR similarly and it's just great. Easy to clean and cool on your feetz. Cocoa's claws make tiny clicky noises on the new floor, but Tiki walks soft as a shadow (of course she can't enter a room without going MROOOOOOOW! anyway). I try to remember to take off my heels as soon as I get home.
your indica looks different than the mendo variety. ;)

nice work on the floors.
That new floor looks fantastic! Now about that procrastination thing....oh, nevermind, it'll keep.
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